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Welcome to Love Norway

Norwegian holidays lovingly created to match your interests.

Here at Love Norway, we think our work is great. We get to introduce and share with fellow travellers and explorers our very own favourite place on Earth! As Norway has something to offer everyone, single travellers, families and couples alike, we offer a diverse range of holidays and getaways.


INSPIRING IDEAS and travel stories


Most clients that come to Love Norway have a vague idea of what sort of holiday they would like to book but some have absolutely no idea at all, so we thought that a few stories from this exciting year in business would inspire our future clients. 

During the course of 2019, we have had the pleasure of working with groups, families with young children, families with older children, couples and friends.  We have designed everything from romantic getaways, relaxing breaks and road trips to corporate ‘adventure’ packages. We have also produced guidance and itineraries for those that wish to book their holiday themselves. 

Best of all, we’ve got to know some fantastic people and thank them and our wonderful Norwegian suppliers for their great feedback and continued support.

For detailed travel stories and ideas of pricing just click on the images below


How we work


To create your perfect Norwegian getaway, just get in touch with us and outline what you want to do and see. We’ll take the time to understand your ideas and preferences, while working within your dates and budget. Drawing on our expertise and extensive local knowledge we’ll create a bespoke holiday itinerary for you. Then you can sit back while it is all booked for you.

Emma Brown, Director of Love Norway, has founded the business with a passion to provide you with an authentic Norwegian experience. Whatever you want out of a holiday, we'll help you to discover it in Norway.


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